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Should Your Business Invest in a Mobile App?

Cheaper is not always cheaper. Your project deserves the best.

What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

Have you given some consideration to how a mobile app can improve your business?

This is the age of the mobile device. With customers more likely to find you and engage with you on their mobile phone or tablet, having an app can easily boost customer loyalty, improve your brand image, and increase sales efficiency.

This is the era of buying products from the couch. Browsing product catalogues on the train. Seeking professional advice from the bathroom. Reading documentation in the bath.

Nothing can get you closer to your customer than having them hold your software right in their hands.

Having a built-for-purpose mobile app means that you can streamline your customer’s purchasing experience.

With so many online storefronts having a really terrible mobile experience, having a well-built mobile app easily puts you ahead of the competition.

Is your company taking advantage of this platform to engage with customers?

So what can a well-designed mobile app do for your company that your website can’t?

Provide a source of valuable actionable analytics

There is literally no way to be closer to your customer than having them use your app. You can closely track what your customers do:

  • what categories they like to browse
  • most and least popular products
  • what product categories they are drawn to
  • what products they’ve removed from their cart
  • how long their app sessions times are and when they engage with your app

These analytics are actionable and give you an in-depth understanding of how your online business actually operates. It is an essential tool that helps you know your customers.

Send Promotions, Discounts and Push Notifications

Whilst not to be abused, push notifications for your mobile app give you an unprecedented opportunity to speak directly to your customer. Are you having a huge sale you need everyone to know about?

If you think it’s definitely worth interrupting their day for, you can send the notification straight to their phone! If you’re using predictive profiles, your software will have a pretty good idea which users will be happy to receive your push messages.

You can take full advantage of our personalisation tools and individualised processes by sending push notifications about new promotions and discounts. You can offer users who have installed the app access to exclusive offers and special bonuses.

A great example of this, that would be impossible to replicate without a mobile app is geolocation. With a mobile app you can automatically send special offers to your customers that are in close proximity to your store or offices.

Provide your customers more value

Business is all about providing your customers with value. That’s patently obvious. It’s no different when you’re engaging with your customers through a mobile app.

Luckily, there’s almost unlimited ways that a mobile app can give you the ability to offer unique advantages and experiences to your customer. For example, you can use your mobile app to create an exclusive loyalty programme.

The more customers use your mobile app to interact with your products and services, the more points they collect. These reward points can then used for customer-specific deals on your products and services.

By making this programme exclusive to your mobile app, your customer’s will be incentivised to install and use your app.

The ways in which you can offer value to your customers through your mobile presence are endless.

Ensure a Successful App Experience

Having a customer engagement strategy that goes beyond your website is important. Your customer engagement strategy should be more than just showing your customers, it should know your customers. Having a custom mobile app makes this so much easier to implement.

Your App Needs a Point of Difference

Installing an app is a pain. Most people just won’t bother unless there’s something in it for them. Is your app really just a clone of your website? Then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You need to make sure your app provides something unique to your customers.

Ease of use

Websites are often clunky and unintuitive on mobile devices. Apps should be built for purpose. The need to be designed to work perfectly with a touch interface and on smaller devices. Which leads us to UX…

Mobile User Experience (UX)

User Experience “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products”.

Nielsen Norman Group

User experience is often the defining difference between a good app and an unused app. It’s the difference between engaging with and delighting your customers, and wasting lots of money.

It’s an oft overlooked component in the world of custom app development. Because so many of our contemporaries are offloading their client work to offshore development teams or inexperienced freelancers, they’re not giving the UX the proper consideration it requires.

User experience is extremely important.

Don’t let this be your experience. Because if you have a great UX story you can accomplish a lot:

  1. Communicate your value proposition quickly and early.
  2. Reduce learning curve time for your app and keep them engaged.
  3. Incentivise users to take full advantage of the app’s services and features.
  4. Reward users for frequent use of your app and business.

These companies are unfortunately purely focused on churning out functionality as quickly as possible, with almost zero thought given to the end user experience. That means UX problems aren’t discovered until after the launch. Meaning more money on fixing it or even worse: dissatisfied and disengaged customers.

In Summary

Mobile apps for businesses can provide benefits to almost every company. If you’ve been thinking about how you can improve your mobile strategy, I hope this article has given you some helpful information.

A Mobile Apps is just another tool in a business’s tool-belt. So it must be fit for purpose and solve real problems that you or your customers have. Don’t rush into developing a mobile app without planning, and make sure you speak to people who can help and give you fresh perspective and advice.

At Ninja Software, we love making phone apps, because we believe there truly is nothing that can get you closer to your customer than having them hold your software right in their hands. We know for a fact that when it comes to engaging with customers, nothing can compete with a seamless mobile experience.

We don’t build an app for a client without our talented local design team spending a considerable amount of time creating a beautiful and functional user experience story.

The systems we build use these analytics to build predictive user profiles. We use these profiles to create complex automated customer interactions. These interactions help users make buying decisions and improve their overall customer experience.

If your business is interested in developing novel and innovative ways to engage your customers, or is interested in making your customer engagement more efficient and rewarding, then creating a mobile app can be an amazingly effective way to achieve those goals.

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Written by:

Alex Dunmow

Ninja Software CEO

I believe that companies that invest wisely in innovative technology, dependable software platforms with a focus on tightly integrated business processes, will see an immediate increase in their financial performance and smaller cost footprints.