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Frogponds Launches

Make no mistake, Frogponds.com.au is absolute game changer.

The Frogponds platform is an exciting new SaaS product, as a joint venture between Ninja Software and Frogponds Pty Ltd. It will initially target the Education space as a portal for suppliers and buyers to communicate easier.

We’ve spent the last several months feverishly working away on this platform and we’re incredibly proud of it and the development team that worked on it. They’ve done a great job.

What Is It?

Frogponds will allow teachers and educators to quickly and easily receive quotes and communication from suppliers. This means that they will no longer have to spend onerous amounts of time doing difficult and time consuming market research.

Instead they will be able to quickly coordinate with all local suppliers. Relieving them of that burden and ensuring businesses are able to compete on an equal playing field. Suppliers that adopt the platform will definitely see a dramatic uptick in their sales figures. Frogponds is a game changer.

We’ve loved every minute of working with the Frogponds team. They’re absolutely amazing and are about to make some serious waves.

Check out Frogponds now: https://www.frogponds.com.au

Written by:

Alex Dunmow

Ninja Software CEO

I believe that companies that invest wisely in innovative technology, dependable software platforms with a focus on tightly integrated business processes, will see an immediate increase in their financial performance and smaller cost footprints.