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We Rebranded, Here’s Why

We have now officially dropped the “Dojo”

Last Thursday, right before the Easter long weekend, we quietly launched our new brand: Ninja Software.

Apart from the cost of reprinting all of our stationary, t-shirts and marketing material, it was a total no-brainer.

From the beginning of NinjaDojo, our customers have often stumbled over the name, as it’s not easy to pronounce. It’s been comically mispronounced as “Ninja Doggo”, misspelt as “Ninja Doo” and even hilariously memed as “Ninja Doge”.

wow, such ninja, much sneek

So it really wasn’t a hard decision to make, and ultimately was something we should have done a long time ago.

Need help and advise on your technology and software decisions? Or are you sitting on a great app idea? Come see us at the Dojo.

Written by:

Alex Dunmow

Ninja Software CEO

I believe that companies that invest wisely in innovative technology, dependable software platforms with a focus on tightly integrated business processes, will see an immediate increase in their financial performance and smaller cost footprints.