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Eyes on the Street

Crime Stoppers WA have enlisted the help of Ninjas to combat crime.

Crime Stoppers WA and Perth’s own Ninja Software have partnered to make the streets safer and help stop crime.

Available now – the new Crime Stoppers ‘Eyes on the Street‘ app makes the ability to report suspicious behaviour or information on criminal activity more accessible than ever.

The app is designed for people who work in industries such as security, parking rangers and ridesharing that results with being often out and about.

‘Eyes on the Street’ lets you rapidly make note and give several key pieces of information to Crime Stoppers in less than a minute in a new user friendly way.

Your privacy is of key note, the app collects no data from the user other than the details of the report so you may remain anonymous.

The clean interface and easy to use buttons make your report completely stress free, you can state exactly what needs to be said by following the flow of the questions and there is no need to call and potentially have details slip your mind.

The entire process is broken into 4 simple steps.

#1 The summary

Step 1 screenshot Eyes on the street

On the first step you are given 3 choices to answer “What is the report about: ‘Drugs’, ‘Firearms’ or ‘Other criminal activities’;
You can then add some extra details about the report, and select if this was a ‘one-off’ incident.

#2 Location and Activity

Step 2 screenshot eyes on the street

Here you select one of the 5 buttons provided to let Crime Stoppers know what type of location the incident has taken place; ‘Business premises’, ‘Private residence’, ‘Public space’, ‘Online’ or ‘Other’.
You can then type the specific address or use the Google maps input to send a pinpoint location of where you currently are if this is relevant.

#3 People and Vehicles

Step 3 screen shot eyes on the street

This step allows you to enter any detailed information you may have about the people involved in the incident. You can enter their name, any description you have on physical features or vehicles, and the role they are playing in your report.

#4 Final Details

Step 4 screen shot eyes on the street

The final step of the process offers you two options that relate to your privacy as a user before you submit.

“I am happy to provide my details to Crime Stoppers staff and Police investigators”

This will give you the option to send your name, phone number and/or Email address so that you may be contacted to assist the investigation with more information.

“I want to remain completely anonymous”

Selecting this option will keep your personal details completely private and will send only the information you have provided describing the incident.

If you work an outside job or are often out in the community we could all use your set of eyes. ‘Eyes on the Street’ has simplified the process to inform Crime Stoppers with your valuable information so please grab it for free here.

If you have any questions or feature requests relating to ‘Eyes on the Street’, or if you want help bringing your unique App idea to life please get in contact with us today @ hello@ninjasoftware.com.au.

Written by:

John Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

John is the Chief Technology Officer of Ninja Software. Managing the day to day operations of the technical team as well as handling long term strategies allows him to apply his broad skillset to both present and future.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Western Australia in 2008. Starting out in mechanical engineering, he moved to industrial networks and process controls engineering, finally settling on software engineering.

He brings with him solid knowledge and experience with the full software development lifecycle. He also is one of Perth’s leading experts on Blockchain-style solutions. In his spare time he also experiments with distributed systems, countless personal projects and new programming languages and frameworks.