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Ride Fair – Jump starting with kick starter

Ride Fair will empower drivers the world over, giving them a voice to vote in operational decisions, set their own rates with knowledge of current market prices and make a comfortable living at the same time.

The road to launch a software service or product is a long one, and Ride Fair is no exception. If you don’t know what Ride Fair is, or what we are trying to achieve then check out the website @, or read our last blog on Ride Fair here.

Simply put, Ride Fair is a not for profit ride sharing platform. Drivers will only part with ~5% of their fair to cover maintenance and operational costs alone rather than having to pay almost 30% of their fair like other market leading ride share companies.

Under the hood though, Ride Fair is much more impressive and wide reaching. We are building an open source engine that will enable other like minded organisations world wide to join the co-op revolution.

To raise funds for this ambitious goal, the Ride Fair engine is being launched on Kickstarter. What we are offering in return is a piece of open sourced software that empowers community driven groups to start co-op profit ridesharing company in their own cities.

The Ride Fair engine will empower drivers the world over, giving them a voice in operational decisions, ensuring they make a comfortable living and have ownership in the company they work so hard for.

Make sure you check out the sneak peek video below.

Ride Faire – Sneak Peek!

A quick sneak peek of our app in action. Aiming for a release date of early 2020. Let's bring some fairness back to the gig economy!

Posted by Ride Fair – Co-op Rideshare Engine on Monday, 7 October 2019

Ride Fair Sounds like a win win right? Well that’s because it is. The passengers keep the competitive low prices that we have become accustomed too, and the drivers don’t have to  struggle to barely make minimum wage. With the help of Ride Fair it has literally never been easier launch a not for profit ride sharing company in your city and  start keeping your hard earned money in your own community rather than blindly handing it to these market leading bullies.

If you can see the merit in contributing to Ride Fair – or if you want to register interest in becoming a driver then please fill out the short form here and we will be in touch.

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Written by:

Reece Roguski

Junior Web Developer at Ninja Software