Our Values

Total Transparency

We are dedicated to always being open and transparent. Sharing information, advice and being honest is critical in every project. Sometimes being presented with the hard truth is essential for success.”

First Class Talent

In the long run, first class talent is cheaper than outsourcing. Good software engineers are fast, thorough and creative. Local teams are more collaborative and achieve better results faster.

Design With Heart and Soul

Every product needs a heart and soul to build on. Focusing on the core product values we started with ensures we have a coherent vision of the product through colour, design, and features. Resulting in beautiful and intuitive software. The product’s heart is always central to its design.

Exceed Customers Expectations

The best way to ensure success is to constantly exceed customer expectations. To do that, you have to effectively identify and manage them. Managing expectations and consistently delivering above-average results means developing loyal customers.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Communication is key to success and everyone at NinjaDojo understands this. From junior staff to the CEO, to our customers, everyone is free and encouraged to speak up and spark change. We will never stop improving and with open communication, any hurdle can be overcome.

Customer’s Needs First

Without happy customers, NinjaDojo is non-existent. Our customer’s perspective is always understood, respected and implemented. Having your trust in developing your software means that we do everything to keep you happy.